Monday, 26 October 2009

Dot Net Framework issues!

I've been trying to install dotNet Framework 3.5 SP1 on my laptop recently, but with no luck at all..

I have my laptop running for more than 2 years, and I managed to survive major Virus attacks, and all kinds of performance problems with continuous tweaking and determination to avoid formatting and re-installation of everything! I just refuse to be defeated by a Virus or some OS failures :)

anyways, during my searches, I bumped to this site, and this tool which "resets" the status of my different dot net Frameworks, enabling 3.5 SP1 to be installed on a clean ground!

I only cleaned up 3.5 and 3.0 Frameworks, then.. Everything went fine!

I wonder why doesn't MS release such things, or embed it in the tools instead of the useless apologize messages!

here is the link:

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Let your community fix it!

As companies develop new products, weather it was a software, a car, a furniture or even some sort of food, they put their efforts to bring the best to the end user, unfortunately "the Best" is a relative concept, which is usually coming from the vendor's point of view..

Here comes the power of the community, as people start using this product, they start to think of additional uses that they would like to have, they like the product, but hey want it to have some additional features! This is very obvious in the software industry.. So, people start to customize those products to fit their needs & expectations, which results in enhancements that the original vendor couldn't think of!, additionally different people have different tastes & expectations, which will result in different customizations and enhancements that could fit any audience starting from the same base product.

I've been a windows mobile user for 5 years, and it was limited in it's out of the box features, but the powerful community of Microsoft developers, the extensive APIs & the ability to extend anything in the core operating system filled any gaps that Microsoft had, the community has built (both commercially & freely) many programs & system extensions that promoted the OS to a higher level of usefulness for its users!

On the other hand, I became an iPhone owner a couple of months ago, and as much as I adore the device, as much as I'm angry of Apple! You have created a revolutionary device that turned the industry upside down.. But yet, no system is perfect.. And in a very strange move, prevented your community from filling your gaps.. Restricting developers from many of much needed access to some system resources. I find it very awkward if I need to add a reminder or alarm in my custom application I would need to send it as a push notification through the Internet! I can't add my alarms to the system notification queue!And there is no way to extend, override, or customize a system behavior.. So, limitations cannot be fixed!

of course this is with the legitimately developed applications!.. but Jailbreaking the device removes all those limitations, & brings the power of a very skilled community that developed some incredible extensions to the OS, such as inline spell checker when writing emails, scroll bars, true multitasking ( keep applications running in the background ) .. & hundreds of great applications that can never be done in a standard system ( non-jailbroken ).

Such extensions enhance the products in an incredible way, extending the life of them by keep introducing new extensions & capabilities to the product from the enthusiastic community.

Strangely, apple totally ignores the community power, the device is still great, no limitation in the hardware or design, limits are only forced by apple on the developers!, but the IT & Communications market is changing fast, & such limits could result in there device lagging back behind other innovators that are coming strong such as Google Android!

I don't know, maybe because I see & touch what the community power could do (I'm an E2.0 consultant!) but i think this is a big mistake from apple!

Unleash the power of your loyal community, let them extend your system as they like it to be, let them enhance the product without limiting their creativity, let the community fix your mistakes, this would definitely empower the iPhone, & extend it's competitive life much further, while enabling the creativity of your community to drive the competition war for you!

Pleaseee let your community fix it!

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Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Going to Oracle Fusion middleware 11g Forum in Jordan today.

The event is being carried out all around the world to introduce the new "innovation foundation" 11g release.

This release is a significant update to Oracle's technology products into a true unified stack, integrating and standardizing on Oracle's Web Logic application server & presenting the technology products as core components that forms the solution's pieces.

I'll have more updates after the event today :)


The new release of Oracle Web Logic Suite attracted the attention of the audience, as the presenter went through the details of the components.

Many Questions where raised around Oracle Coherence, as the concept was a bit new to the audience there (although it is not!)... the integration of Coherence within the Web Logic Suite is quite interesting, where it enables to represent the runtime memory as a "cloud", which enables virtualizing on new levels, and separating the computing virtualizing from the memory!

all in all, we had nice time :)

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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Error ... Too much traffic...

I've been very busy the last couple of months, and my web activity was severly affected.. unlike GM, it is not related to global economy!...

Anyways, many thoughts in my mind, all half baked.. But.. whenever i try to complete one, or post any... i encounter the
"Too Much Traffic" error... not on the blog, but in my mind :)

hope to resolve this issue soon...

in the mean while... I hope everyone is having good time..

Take Care

Monday, 20 April 2009

Oracle to Aquire SUN Microsystems...

Today Oracle Announced the news here ...

Sun announced here

and i cannot comment more... the details and roadmaps of SUN's portfolio will be announced later...

good move Oracle!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

What is ECM!!

This presentation is by AIIM which demonstrates what ECM is all about.

in slide 5, the presentation mentions that ECM is not necessarily a single system, but a set of systems that are integrated and working together, to give the complete ECM feeling!

And here is one of the biggest differentiators of Oracle's UCM products!

Oracle UCM provides the complete ECM stack of solutions, including Document Management (DM), Web Content Management (WCM), Digital Assets Management (DAM), Records Management (RM), and all other supporting services such as the Workflow and Business Processes and Content Collaboration.

Imagine the following with me:
we have a website, that consists of several pages, one of the pages has a nice logo in the upper left, and an image of the building on the side, with an article in the middle of the page...
if we dissect this page we will find that the page itself is a content that organizes how other contents appears on the browser using the WCM module, and the image of the building is actually a 10MP image that was inserted into the DAM module, and automatically was converted to a smaller web friendly size and format. While the article in the middle of the page is a word document that was created by the secretary on her desktop, and she dragged it and dropped it into a folder on her desktop using the DM module, which automatically converted it into html, and published it into the web page after the legal department approval!

So, as we see, all modules work perfectly together to provide a final consistent web page within the website, and each module contributes with its services to give the full ECM solution.

In this case, having a separate system for each module means each system will store its data, and it will be redundant across the other systems that use it. This also means that there should be some integration between those systems to finally provide the web page that we talked about.

For oracle, it is one system that manages everything! base content services are shared by all modules that are built on the same code base, means any module can use the services of the other modules natively, thus the process of creation and rendering the web page we mentioned is basically an interaction between the services of only one system, that provides all those services together.

users will have the same experience, since they are using one interface that has all those functionalities, and administrators has only one administrative view of all the ECM functionalities, even the upgrades of the entire ECM stack is basically rolling one patch that upgrades everything together!

I felt that very quickly when I installed the UCM system the first time, and I was really amazed how great were the guys who designed the UCM system to be such piece of art!.

Here is a whitepaper that will explain more why a unified approach is better for you!

Now I will leave you with AIIM's presentation.

Monday, 16 February 2009

ArabCrunch Demo 09 event!!

Arabcrunch Demo 09, 23rd February
ArabCrunch is a specialized blog that follows, profiles, and reviews Arab originated technologies.

they're having a great event next week, check below the press release:

"AMMAN, Jordan - (9, Feb, 2009) – Arab Innovation is hardly spotted, but with ArabCrunch DEMO event it will be subjected to change. The event will give Arab startups the chance to present their newly developed products and launch it, in order to get good outreach to target customers and gain access to both investors and media."

here is the complete press release

here is the event website

follow the event on the social web:


hope to see you all there!