Thursday, 7 August 2008

New URL API for Oracle Distributed Document Capture (ODDC!

Oracle has recently announced a new release of ODDC (Oracle Distributed Document Capture)… where the guys on the other side of earth has just finished developing a new URL API!

What does that mean?
It means we can send instructions and parameters in the URL during the ODDC call! To directly initiate scanning and pass indexing parameters for example...

I was in a PoC a couple of months ago, where we image enabled EBS using ODDC and UCM, and i was thinking how great it will be to pass index fields using the URL instead of DB tables & SQL workarounds that we had to use!

And the dream came true!!

Now, consultants, partners, and developers can have a very interesting and convenient image enabling approach.

For example, in EBS AP, the user will choose an invoice record, put the hard copy invoice in the scanner, and click on a "scan" button in the EBS toolbar, and the page will be scanned and indexed without any touch from the user!

How it works?
The button calls ODDC and within the URL passes the scan instruction and some parameters from the form such as the invoice number, name...etc. it will look something like below


As a result, ODDC will pop up in a new window, and automatically initiate scanning and populate indexing fields with the sent parameters...further more, since the invoice number (and any other parameter) is already populated in ODDC, it can use DB-Lookups to retrieve (from databases) further related information from EBS or even any other system that matters!

Since the scanned image, with the index fields (metadata) are now stored in UCM, any user can press "retrieve invoice" button from EBS toolbar, and get the scanned image for that particular invoice record!

The API has many parameters and instructions, which can be found in the documentation.

I'm very happy with this new feature, and I think it will simplify a lot of direct integrations.


  1. hi ayman...
    i want to use ODDC can u suggest some links for its installation and administration guide.
    i find it bit complicated coz of first would be realy helpful if u help me out in any way.

    Sunil, INDIA

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  3. Hi Ayman
    After reading the review I could say that there are great features compared to KOFAX. I am using KOFAX for data capture . I am trying out ODDC but unfortunately following the given manuals are not making my life easier . Some of the reference from the manuals are not found . For eg in ODDC Admin Manual page 6 they had mentioned about "Oracle Distributed
    Document Capture Tutorial." After hours of searching I have not found this tutorial. Oracle should be serious about new comers who want to try out the feature , need to put more tutorials and proper docs
    I will update you as I progress with very less documents and tutorials
    Joseph John

  4. Hi Saji,

    Oracle Distributed Document Capture has many enhancements in its latest release.
    This is documented and explained under the release notes:

    regarding the documentation and guides it is available through the Documentation Library:

    However, the size of documentation and tutorials for the Capture Product is surely less than what you find for other technologies such as UCM.

    However, Let me know what things you find not clear in the documentation.

    I also suggest that you join Oracle Mix, where you can find a complete community of professionals and Oracle Seniors/PMs that listen directly to your needs, you can suggest and rate ideas and enhancements too there :)

    BTW, i see you are there already :)

    Best Regards,

  5. Hi Ayman;

    I installed ODDC and configured it, but I can't login to it becuase it gives me error connecting to the database and error in provider installation, the ODC can connect to the same database correctly, can you help me to solve this error?


  6. Dear Ebtehal,

    I will follow with you using the email.

    Many Thanks,

  7. Hi Ayman,

    This is a very nice feature.but,can we pass the login parameters of ODDC in this .Or does this work only with Windows integrated authentication?