Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Google Outages, and Cloud Computing

Probably this is not the area of my speciality, but as a technology fan, I've seen recently several posts and talks about Google Apps and online computing, and was checking out Google Sites, which is a nice product indeed.

things were good until I read this topic from eWeek.

this really brings up some points against complete online business, and cloud computing,

The idea of having your complete documents, data and systems on Googl's servers is really cool, where the users and the entire organization will forget the headache and cost of hardware servers, backups, maintenance, upgrades ... etc.

and also provides access to all users from any system, any where, any browser! especially with the on-going development of
Android, the Google mobile OS platform, users will be able to access their entire documents from their Android powered devices!

But, the main advantage with Google apps and their Cloud computing is also their main disadvantage, where that was clearly visible with their applications outages that happened this month, users thought that Google will be the most reliable online system, but they were shocked with the truth that Google is still a real company, that lives in the real world, where problems DO happen.

In my opinion, Having your data in other's hands is risky, especially when we are talking about sensitive information, or critical data that needs to be available 24x7.

Therefore, When an organization develop their plans and implement their systems (on their hardware) they have complete control on the availability, continuity and disaster recovery plans, and most importantly, the security.


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