Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Google logs & security of enterprises

with the new release of Google chrome I was very happy & very fascinated with the innovation & the commitment of Google to the glob, but a few blog posts & This Cnet news article which turned the idea into a nightmare, I’ve posted last time about cloud computing & Google’s outage, my point was that I can never ever trust anyone, what so ever, to store my sensitive information inside his "cloud". this was simply for storing info in other's place, but...

I was reading today here & here about Google's changes on their retention policies & defending their selves about privacy & personal security claims!

I paused for a second, and looked to my network of friends, of diverse backgrounds & distinct industries, we're using Google as the primary search engine, that logs all searches and even keystrokes before searching (Google suggest), & using Google chrome to access all our internal & external web pages, where it logs a lot of stuff about us, & can track our usage & surfing pattern, Google desktop to index the hard drive, including business emails & confidential data...

Ok, let me pause here again, Google is one of the truly innovative companies around, those products along with their entire stack of solutions drove innovation into all sectors, & I was very happy with each advancement & product they provided, including the cloud based docs...

But that was for my personal & home usage, nothing important to log or track, nothing top secret... therefore I wouldn't care (much) for the privacy policy as i trust Google very well.

But when we're talking about business & fierce competition it is another story, although I do trust Google, but again, as I said for cloud computing, I can never trust anyone for my business secrets, & after all, seems we brought the cloud to our homes :)

yes, very sad... as much as I’m fascinated by the innovation that Google is doing each day, I just can't ignore the risk of abusing those technologies by the wrong hands, & on the other hand, it's nonsense to ask Google to stop it, as science can never be stopped, if it was not Google, it will be another company..

Btw, reading my post again, I feel like a conspiracy freak!  Oops! I was reading such ideas back in university times, when some "conspiracy freak” said that with the advancement of internet, their is nothing called privacy anymore!! ... I guess that "freak" turned out to be "wise"...

However, this debate will never end, we just have to cope with the changes, & try our best to minimize the risks!

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